Coronavirus Vaccine Finder helps you find locations that offer COVID-19 vaccines in the United States. Find locations in an 50 mile radius to your zipcode.

Vaccine Appointment Finder

*For the field above, to test an single location, just type any 5-Digit US Zipcode. To test multiple locations, separate each zip code with a comma, with no spaces between each comma. (Ex: 07924,07931,07979)
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How do you use this vaccine finder? To use this Coronavirus Vaccine Finder, type in an 5-Digit US-Zipcode, and submit it. After submitting, you will get all the vaccine locations 50 miles from the zipcode provided. If you want to test multiple locations, type in zipcodes seperated with an comma, with no space. Tip: Keep this link open in another tab. That way, when you find a location using this service, you will be able to quickly schedule an appointment before it gets booked by someone else. Data and vaccine is from Rite Aid. Made by Dheirya Tyagi and Eklavya Tyagi.